いらっしゃいませ Irashaimase and welcome to Shoukouwa, where you will savour an authentic, world-class fine-dining edomae sushi experience, direct from Ginza in Tokyo.

Hailing from long edomae sushi tradition, our Japanese chefs have honed their artistry and skills for years at prestigious Ginza establishments. With no more than eight seats right in front of the chef’s preparation table, our guests will enjoy direct interaction with, and personalised attention from our chefs.

Edomae sushi tradition dates back to the illustrious Edo era in Japan. Without access to refrigeration system in those days, and ice was expensive, the sushi was made with fresh ingredients from the close-by water ways, served and consumed quickly to preserve its freshness. Nowadays, edomae sushi chefs take pride in serving only the best seasonal seafood and produce, presenting diners with the purest flavours of the food with minimal cooking and manipulation. At Shoukouwa, the fresh fish, seafood and produce are flown daily to Singapore from Tokyo’s famed Toyosu Market.

The art of fine sushi is one that is contemplative and considered – like a Zen expression. The perfect sushi is a delicate balance of the quality of fish, proportion and temperature. The fish must be of the highest grade, undamaged during the catch, and very fresh. The rice for sushi is mixed delicately with a fine balance of rice vinegar – to allow for subtle taste without overpowering the slice of fresh fish. As the acidity of vinegar acts as a cooking agent, it is important for the sushi to be consumed within seconds of being served, picking with clean hand.

As a matter of proportion, the amount and temperature of rice for each sushi is different with different fish. A true sushi master chef will take the appropriate amount of rice, and press it for that just perfect time to get the right temperature to pair with each fish, to ensure the ideal harmony of taste and texture for consumption.

We further coddle you in an intimate space of tranquil elegance, to heighten your total dining experience to one of quiet meditative bliss for you to commune with this very exquisite culinary art form.

Come away with us on a journey of delicate tastes and gossamer flavours… いただきます Itadakimasu!